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The Ghost Who Worked On Flexitime

For three decades FlexTime has been involved in instigating flexible working arrangements including the very first schemes in Ireland.  In that time, flexible working hours as a concept was new to each and every customer that we worked with. Even now many customers are embracing these ideas for the first time.

As the start-up date on each project nears, all involved naturally become quite keyed up. Employees are anticipating the new freedom to exercise discretion over working time. Meanwhile, the “champion” of the scheme, often the HR Manager, will wonder if the risk of having promoted and worked through the idea with staff and their representatives is going to be justified.   We at FlexTime are on this journey with all involved. Therefore, we would hope that all the advice given combined with the technology side would bring something new and indeed unique to the customer's workplace.   

The final phase involves checking everything down to the last detail.


Only recently someone mentioned the name of a street in Dublin to me and suddenly I was reminded of a flexi scheme which we implemented in a workplace many years ago. 

I recalled that during the implementation phase the staff constantly pointed out their belief that the building was haunted.

Some told tales of being followed around the building by a “strange force”

Others on seeing FlexTime staff install the flexi technology might say  “ah, systems rarely work well in this building. It’s the ghost.                                                                                                                                                                 

Then at last the start-up morning for this flexi scheme arrived.

Flextime staff as ever appeared on site on that morning. This is for reassurance purposes for our customers' staff as they use the system for the first time while also embracing that initial taste of the new working time culture.   

Except on this particular morning, things were a little different.

At 7.30 am the earliest staff arrived but just then the system literally sat down and no one could understand why. Frantic re-checks were carried out. Then after 15 or 20 minutes with no explanation everything was working and indeed continued to do so for many years afterwards.

Those early arriving staff almost seemed pleased with the glitch giving us that knowing look “sure, it had to be the ghost”!

Of course, we took it all in the best spirit.

Do you believe in ghosts?  Are there any at work in your organisation?  








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