Time and Attendance and Flexible Working solutions reducing costs and increasing productivity
Attendance, Absence Management, HR, Payroll and Access Control integration with detailed reporting all in one solution.

Save time with our time and attendance and scheduling solutions

Manage Flexible and Hybrid Work Arrangements

Work and life schedules are becoming increasingly blurred. More employees want to work with companies that can offer them balance. Our solution allows your organisation to:


Automate your holiday requests and empower your employees with self service for greater productivity.

Save Time with Our T & A Solution

Our Time & Attendance solution puts your business in control of work schedules and the hours staff are paid thanks to time-saving features that get the most from your manpower. We’ll help you to:

From small businesses to large corporates, Government departments/agencies and educational bodies, see how organisations are using FlexTime solutions to work better together

We’ve partnered with some of the leading global brands to offer you a world-class solution

How our Time Management Solution Saves Time, Costs and Increases Productivity

FlexTime can help you better manage your employees’ time and work-schedules by offering you:

Bespoke Variations

Whatever type of time and attendance solution you’re looking for, we can suit your needs and those of your employees – whether it’s off-the-shelf or with bespoke variations.

Innovative and Agile Software

Switching to FlexTime means you’ll be using the latest available award-winning software, designed to change with your needs.

Real-time Support

Enjoy a high level of support from your own dedicated contact and wider expert team. We are on hand for anything you need - from technical assistance to advice on how to optimise options for your growing needs.

World-Leading Specialist Expertise

FlexTime has a long history of being a world-leading expert in time and attendance solutions. Our solutions are based on the latest research and will help get the most from your workforce, no matter how you work.

Back to work post Covid-19- the latest information on employee needs and concerns

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of employees are seeking a hybrid working model
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of employees have concerns about commuting to work
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of remote workers dislike lack of contact with co-workers

What you can expect from our world-leading time-management service

Project Management

FlexTime provides a dedicated project manager to liaise with your key stakeholders to gain a deep understanding of your needs. Once your requirements are determined, a project plan will be drafted with a structured approach for implementing solutions.

System Installation

Our Project Manager and Engineers will install the entire system according to your bespoke requirements. We can set up while securing system parameters and even integrate with your existing HR and payroll systems.

Client Training

Full training is provided to employees on effective and efficient use of the software. This is based on specific needs, with training targets based on application complexity. The level of training is based on the needs and technical skill level of the end users.

Customer Support

Our relationship with your organisation continues well beyond installing the system. FlexTime’s help desk continues to support your organisation for the lifespan of all solutions.

Project Management System Installation Client Training Customer Support


FlexTime has a long legacy of bringing award-winning solutions to our satisfied clients.
Here’s a selection of some of our wins.

1st Place US Institute Of Behavioral and Applied Management, IBAM

Most Innovative Company in Time & Attendance, Payroll, HRIS

Global HR Tech Symposium, HR.com

Finalists at the UK GO Excellence in Public Procurement Awards

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From small businesses to large corporates, Government departments/agencies and educational bodies, see how organisations are using FlexTime solutions to work better together.