2021 – How Can We Find the Way Back?

We are now in a further phase of uncertainty. Great news about vaccine possibilities is being tempered by the effects of the continuous shutdowns.

FlexTime has been busily working away on adding new features to our VisionTime system to support HR management, staff and supervisors, at our customers during this difficult period. This is while also thinking ahead to 2021 and what challenges there might be.

As the pandemic continues, there is no doubt that the Human Resources function is playing a central role in each organisation’s attempts to find and execute viable ways to cope. For our part at FlexTime we could see very early on that there were means by which we could make a difference. This is particularly given that our VisionTime system for time and attendance is a focal part of the working day for tens of thousands of staff and their supervisors both in Ireland and in the UK. Indeed, at the very least employees need to use our system four times each day arriving and departing.

Then there are a variety of other needs. Examples are – requesting time off, interacting with what we call “the Time Bank” for managing time off in lieu, recording work on jobs/projects, swapping shifts/job shares – and more.   

We wanted to consider how can we utilise that “space”, so as to help Supervisors and Staff and, in turn, the Human Resources and Payroll functions also.

To start with we ran surveys across our user base.

From that we decided on an initial set of new system features and are now ready-to-go with customers already using them. 

Just one example is that we recently added a “request to be on-site” process, for organisations that needed key staff on site, but also required that they should request in advance to be there. Further new options are in now plan, with some features becoming less relevant, to then be replaced by others, as the nature of understanding changes.

Therefore, to find out more about what we have developed for Human Resources in these unusual times, please follow the link to download our presentation.

“2021 – Finding The Way Back”  – Presentation

We would be delighted to hear from you, if you would like to make your own suggestions and requests or need any further information.

Please contact us at info@flextime.ie or 00353 1 2609680.  

Ciaran Rowsome