5 Reasons why you might need a Time and Attendance System

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  1. You’re Spending a Long Time Manually Processing Staff Payroll 

It’s no secret that payroll processing is a huge deadline-oriented task for organisations of all sizes. It can be especially difficult with organisations that have unique work arrangements and for staff that regularly work unpredictable hours.  

When we speak to new customers, a lot of them have been processing their payroll manually with paper or spreadsheets, before introducing a time and attendance system. While this may seem fine as a method in practice, all these hours in resources used in processing timesheets add up, and you save a lot of money with a dedicated time and attendance system. All this new avaiable time can now be re-allocated to other work in your organisation. Let VisionTime do the heavy lifting! 

Our VisionTime system currently links to all major payroll providers like Sage, Thesauras, BrightPay, JD Edwards etc. Our payroll links give a painless experience at the stage of payroll processing. When the payroll period has completed and VisionTime has collected all the time information, you’re ready to go, simply export to your payroll.  

  1. Human Error and Illegitimate Clocking  is Causing Problems in your Organisation.  

When Organisations use a paper-based or spreadsheet system for collecting all their staff clocking information, it can be difficult to know if the information being provided is accurate and honest. There is also a lot of manual calculating that needs to be carried out for overtime and different pay arrangements, all of which can be easily automated with a time and attendance system.  

With the VisionTime system you can clock in and out in more than 30 different ways. The most popular methods include clocking in via biometric, RFID card, PC, and on a Mobile device. Any of these methods will support real time clocking with up to date reporting on all of your staff’s clocking behaviour and save you a lot of time and build trust between yourself and your staff.  

  1. There are Many Different Unique Working Arrangements within your Organisation.  

In many modern organisations there are an extensive amount of unique arrangements in place for different members of the organisation. This goes beyond the normal distinction of part time workers and full-time workers. Certain staff may be on flexible working arrangements, while others may be on special contracts with unique overtime rules that need advanced calculating depending on certain requirements. There may also be staff that work extensively during shorter periods of time, and you need to assure you are complying with the Working Time Act. 

With VisionTime you can create and easily assign schedules and work arrangements to members of staff and simply let them clock in and out with their custom schedule.  

  1. Annual Leave Management is becoming increasingly difficult 

As organisations grow, manually managing annual leave with spreadsheets and other manual methods can become increasingly difficult. With a Time and Attendance system like VisionTime, all your staff’s annual leave entitlements can be managed with advanced features like carry forward, special leave and a request/approve set up with email integrations..  

  1. Manually tracking time and attendance is costing you money 

While on the surface it may seem that manual methods are cheaper, in the long-term, research shows that using software will give you a return on investment in different ways. As we have mentioned in this blog, money can be saved from: 

  1. Freeing up staff resources that were allocated to manually processing and transcribing the payroll, 
  1. Overpaying staff for inaccurate timesheets 
  1. Freeing your HR department from enquiries about annual leave entitlement and annual leave requests 
  1. Facilitating unique work arrangements for your staff to enable flexibility and reduce staff churn rate 

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