Benefits of implementing a workforce management solution.

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Save time and money by integrating your payroll:

Manually processing payroll can take hours out of your week and human error happens when handling data at this magnitude. By implementing our workforce management solution, you can save time, money and energy and instead re-allocate this to other work within your organisation. Our VisionTime system can link with all major payroll providers such as Sage, Thesaurus and BrightPay etc.

Employee Scheduling made easy:

These days there are many unique working arrangements in place for different staff or departments within an organisation. By implementing our workforce management solution, these schedules can be quickly created and reviewed. With the click of a button, you can also view and approve employee annual leave requests, ensuring that your organisation is never left understaffed.

With our VisionTime workforce management solution, you can create and easily assign unique schedules and work arrangements to your staff.

Data Management:

Implementing our workforce management solution can enable you to revolutionise the way your organisation manages its data. Instead of using a paper-based or spreadsheet system for collection of staff data or clocking information, automate it with our time and attendance system and gain access to real-time data.

With our VisionTime system, you can record clockings in more than 30 different ways such as biometric, RFID card, PC or mobile clockings.

Enhanced Employee Satisfaction and Engagement:

Workforce management solutions can empower your employees by offering features such as requesting time off, assigning team schedules and swapping shifts. By giving employees more control and flexibility over their working arrangements, organisations can boost employee satisfaction and engagement, leading to higher morale and reduced turnover rates.

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