Covid 19 – How FlexTime Can Help

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In light of the recent developments with Covid 19,  we are sharing with you, some suggestions from our team at FlexTime, on ways that our VisionTime system might be of assistance in the coming weeks.

Working from Home:

Many managers and staff will want to keep a continuity going to reflect their “attendance” at work, even if it is now in a remote setting. 

VisionTime will allow your staff and Managers to remotely record time using all the system’s features.

It is furthermore possible to add our Job timing programme, so that staff can record their work tasks. This can be in real-time as they clock in out for work and then during the day as jobs/tasks change. If busy at the time they can record jobs in retrospect.     

Open Hours:

In this phase, if you prefer to allow employees to work at any time during the 24 hours cycle, then our new module, called Open Hours, might work for your organisation. For example, maybe you still need staff to return to their work base, but also want to ensure that they can distance themselves from others by working at separate times? Or in another example, many couples now each have to work from home, while the children are also there. In order that your employee is able to continue working for you over the current phase, this work may need to happen at separate daily times to their partner.

This Open Hours programme dispenses with the use of the various usual restrictions to the employee’s working arrangements, such as a daily fixed shift or bandwidth, core periods, and even break periods.  This is replaced by the employee using specially designed on-screen functionality to denote start/end of the day, break periods etc.

The Cloud:

Many customers using VisionTime have already moved to cloud hosting.


Though a huge amount of us are working from home in these challenging times, some customers have staff that are still gallantly working on their premises, notably in the health, services and manufacturing sectors. 

So, our VT Visitor solution is aimed at facilitating situations when there are Visitors involved.  Firstly, at your PC, you can “pre-log” any visits you will have.  This way, for example, Security will know who will be in attendance soon. Then on the day, either you, the visitor or security/reception can change that pre-log into an actual visit log and thereby recording attendance.  Next, you can print out a badge for the visitor to wear and which can have an expiry of today, if you wish. This way, the badge changes colour automatically after a few hours, through the use of special ink.          

Then, hopefully, this chapter in our shared experience will start to recede, but even then, we might value controlling who’s visiting our premises.  

Use of Finger Technology: 

Even though our Biometric Time Terminals have proved popular with some customers, we are hearing concerns during this dangerous phase about the use of fingers to record time.  It is possible instead, even temporarily, to use cards and some customers have already moved over since the weekend.

Feel free to contact us for advice.

As we consider other ideas that might assist, we will, of course, let you know.

We can provide remote demonstrations showing how each of our suggestions can work. Please contact Sean Gallagher at:


Ciaran Rowsome