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The ways businesses are using technology is dramatically shifting. Digital disruption and transformation have become the buzzwords and keeping pace with the rate of change has become an essential part of an organisations ability to function, compete or stay relevant.

Customers and citizens have grown more accustomed to using tech and have developed high expectations when interacting with companies or services online

This means organisations have to work in ever more efficient and innovative ways, in order to stay ahead of these expectations and become a smarter and more optimised operation. And to reach these new tech levels however requires a more nuanced and bespoke approach than what was done previously in terms of solutions.

Traditionally of course, tech firms launched their latest release of software and companies bought a tier of features that loosely matched their needs. But these tiers were quite general – often based on a firm’s size and were quite rigid in their off-the-shelf features whether the company was best served with them or not.

This meant they often had to pay a licence for a number of features that they did not need or did not integrate easily with their systems. Also, business needs not served by the tech solutions would have to be covered elsewhere, which soon led to a complex web of application infrastructure and tasks.

But times have changed. Organisations now need ever-diverse solutions. Those solutions need to be agile and they need to work with the companies IT systems and not against them. Furthermore, an organsation’s procurement team are seeking more efficient, unified and bespoke approaches when tendering for tech solutions.

Winning tenders today are often those who offer tech that:

  • closely match needs of customers
  • are most relevant to the businesses’ customers
  • handle customer data/business data in an the most optimised/secure way
  • integrate tech best to businesses legacy systems,

While conversely, they are seeing off-the-shelf solutions designed for many organisational types as:

  • Being needlessly expensive or inefficient
  • Having lots of redundant features and benefits
  • Not being able to synch well with existing business systems or ways of working.

That’s not to say they are not interested in the quality of these solutions, it’s just that organisations now want the most relevant features in a way that is more bespoke to their needs. On top of that, they expect their providers to develop or innovate solutions that is more specific to their problems. The result being that a more bespoke approach is now viewed as the most effective and mainstream way of solving tech challenges.

Organisations now want their providers to be more involved with them so they can better understand these challenges. And suppliers are selected to provide more than just solutions, but also quality end-to-end relationships. This involves getting deeper understanding of an organisations’ needs by conducting audits and detailed analyses, developing solutions that are more effective for those needs and providing ongoing support to iron out problems and optimise the solutions.

It means moving from solutions only or one-stop-shop model to a more tailored ongoing relationship model, and this is exactly what we offer at FlexTime.

We understand that every business or organisation needs a unique approach, and we develop our solutions accordingly. When it comes to managing and recording time needs can be varied and diverse. But we can tailor our software to its highly adaptable to companies needs and rules. Our powerful backend systems are designed to integrate with older existing systems. We can switch off and on feature depending on the demands of your organisation. And we can readily innovate and adapt solutions as your needs change with the times too.

Here is one example of how we delivered bespoke solutions to our customers:

Houses of the Oireachtas – Ireland

Bespoke attendance solutions don’t come more prestigious than when they are developed for the Government of Ireland. Their houses of parliament (Dáil and Seanad) are the perfect example of a need for flexibility and sophistication in recording attendance. Our solutions allow busy legislators and TDs to record their schedules, voting attendance and more in the way that works best for staff and politicians alike.

We have delivered bespoke solutions for companies of all sizes, across all sectors. If your company is looking for a solution, we would be delighted to discuss!  Call 01-2609680