Mobile working is great – but who is in charge?

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VisionTime “Agile” released

By now you’re probably well versed in the mobile working story and how new tech has increased the capacity for allowing staff to work from anywhere and at more flexible times. However, one aspect has been a challenge for Senior Management.  How is this being controlled?.

FlexTime specialises in flexible working solutions and in the latest version of VisionTime, our flagship system, we offer a new module called VisionTime “Agile” – The Agile Working Time Manager.

Mobile working in itself has arrived and to some extent can be termed as a disruptive practice when compared to the settled effect of how work was formerly done.

VisionTime “Agile” now disrupts that disruption – and hands control back to managers and employees alike!.    

VisionTime “Agile” – The Agile Working Time Manager operates on mobile devices (phone, tablets), PCs, Time Terminals and Access Control readers, allowing staff to record

  • their working time
  • where they are working and what work they are doing
  • absence requests

Now managers know in real-time what’s happening with their employees.

The VisionTime system in general has for years offered multiple choices to organisations as to how to manage their employees’ working time.  However, more specifically VisionTime “Agile” is all about staff recording their working time at any point in the day in the day which is agreed as working time (between 00.01 and 23.59). Employees can record their working time and locations from anywhere.

So instead of a fixed shift orientation, their time is now determined by total hours worked and supported by a selection of new clocking function buttons on these devices.  The new VisionTime “Agile” functionality directs the way in which employees should record attendance and slots working hours into agreed categories.  Managers and employees see what’s happening in real time. Then at end of each day, the Employee’s time is totalized with full views provided of what work has been done with the employee’s locations during the day.

This suits diverse ends of the working world i.e.

  •  those who look for broader flexibility of working time and location
  • organizations that are leaning towards employees working a kind of freelance method
  • organizations on really tight margins where they need to call in staff a quite short notice

With VisionTime “Agile”- The Agile Working Time Manager, employees can be set to work more easily.