Open Hours And The Agile Workplace

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With the opening up of When, Where, and In What Way employees work, a concern which employers raise is – “Exactly how is it to be managed”? 
The VISIONTIME system for Employee Time, Attendance and Location tracking has the answers.

VISIONTIME now contains multiple innovative new features for management and employees alike, all combining to oversee, while also widening the scope of when, where, and in what way employees work.

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Open hours and the “AGILE” workplace


“Open Hours” :   New – With the  “Open Hours” feature in the VISIONTIME system, organisations now have further choice in how their working time arrangements with employees can operate.

“Open Hours” working allows organisations to consider any period of time in the 24 hour day within which employees can work and record time.

Shifts and time bands are scrapped and replaced by the employee recording their working hours via new specially designed function buttons on PCs, mobile phones and time terminals.

“Open Hours” can now also join the growing range of different options which can be considered on a case by case basis per employee such as

  • Flexible Hours
  • Fixed or Shift Hours
  • Time Banking
  • Remote working.

Only recently available, already up to 3,000 employees are using the new “Open Hours”  approach to working time.

“Open Hours”  working brings broader possibilities to

  • Managers – in terms of when work can be allocated and done
  • Employees – in relation to their work:life time arrangements.

Where employees work?

For outdoor workers, the VISIONTIME mobile phone application on the web is linked to satellite to show  where  the work is being done.

What way employees work?

A job timing suite is also available to show in real-time as to what work is being done.