Tracking systems that benefit the employer and employee

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Pre-Covid-19, no one could have envisaged how rapidly businesses would need to change the way they operated. Organisations all over the world have had to pivot to meet increasing demands for more flexible, effective and tailored IT solutions for their businesses.

While countries are slowly reopening and people are returning to the workplace, many businesses have been forced to adapt their time and attendance procedures to make them fit changing work environments. These changes are likely to lead to a more permanent shift in the way work is completed and time is recorded.

With FlexTime’s innovative VisionTime system, employees can easily record time spent in different workplaces, visits to worksites and the all-important task monitoring. Due to FlexTime’s experience in flexible IT solutions pre-Covid 19, it is uniquely positioned to understand and cater to the changing nature of the workplace. Its systems are already ahead of the curve. Its Time and Attendance system is more flexible than most.  Unique features include innovative shift arrangements, the ability for the employee and supervisor to interact intuitively digitally, easy shift swapping and solutions on querying a particular shift or shift change. All of these save businesses time and therefore money.

Supporting your employees

It’s important for all employees to feel fully supported and not feel they are being monitored when it comes to time and attendance recording. FlexTime solutions acts as an ‘honest broker’ between both the employer and the employee because the welfare of both groups is considered. 

Far from being a ‘one size fits all solution’, FlexTime helps solve the needs of the employer and employee by offering a two-way solution that allows everyone to be at their best in the working environment. FlexTime systems can be tailored to suit the needs of every business and its employees. There are also many ‘off the shelf’ service offerings, which are also highly effective.

At first glance it may seem that manual methods of time and attendance tracking are cheaper but over time research shows that using software gives a return on investment in more ways than one.

Companies that use software are freeing up staff resources that were allocated to manually processing and transcribing the payroll for other tasks. HR staff will no longer be subject to enquiries about annual leave entitlement and annual leave requests. Another money-saver is that the software wipes out any errors which could lead to staff being overpaid for submitting inaccurate timesheets.

One of the biggest benefits of time tracking is the insight it gives you into your company’s health and profitability. Time tracking helps you to see exactly where resources are being spent. But perhaps the timeliest benefit is that this software will move your business into the new era of flexible and remote working that was thrust upon the world due to the outbreak of Covid-19.

The benefits of this flexibility is that employees have an increased feeling of personal control over their schedule and work environment. It increases productivity and satisfaction and has a knock on effect on retention. It reduces burnout as employees can take breaks when they need them. It leads to increased morale, engagement and commitment to the organisation. It is a win-win situation for all concerned.

  • Improve efficiency
  • Grow your business
  • Create a central database
  • Shift scheduling/Scheduling solutions