What is Happening Now with Flexible Working and FlexTime

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In my first blog, I went way back to the 1960s to look at the origins of flexible working. Now I want to bring you right up to today and to look at what is happening now with Flexible Working and the role which our company, FlexTime, plays.

Incidentally, in Blog 1, I hope you enjoyed the picture of Hollywood icon, Cary Grant, arriving to work in his Bubble car. It brought back fond memories of when my brother actually owned one and how as kids we enjoyed being driven around in this tiny car. In the move to electric cars, how about a campaign to “Bring back the Bubble”?

Remind me also to tell you in a future blog about my experiences with the Delorean motor car company when it was located in Northern Ireland…

Flexible Working in 2019:

A combination of social and cultural changes connected to advances in new technologies and their rapid adoption is driving how society is organising itself. This has quickly become one of the biggest workplace challenges.  Leading organisations are becoming increasingly concerned to grow a modern, attractable and flexible workforce.

One stimulus for much of the change is the transformed mindset, particularly amongst those employees under 40, who are soon to form most of a workforce in which: 

  • more demand is placed on how employees want to work, which is towards the flexibility of working times and locations
  • parents have to cope with their two jobs, a family and with rising mortgage and childcare costs
  • people are living distances from their jobs
Millennials in their natural habitat

This, in turn, is impacting on Talent Acquisition. According to multiple research studies, the current focus in the human resources environment is on recognising employees’ desire for mobility and flexibility and realising how that is critically linked to attracting and retaining skills.

Equally, organizations are eager to look at ways to reduce costs and ask:

  • do employees need to be at work in a set location every day?
  • can we reduce the number of premises we hold?

FlexTime – Who Are We?

Flextime is an award-winning, world-leading system developer and supplier of VisionTime, a cloud and mobile-based attendance solution for flexible, mobile and shift working which also encompasses the recording of time for productivity and costing purposes. Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, Flextime has over 500 customers with more than 3,000 implementations and 200,000 users across multiple sectors and territories.  

Flextime supplies to government, universities, health, manufacturing, call centres, retail, service industry and financial services in Ireland, UK and the Netherlands.    

What do we do

Flextime designs and implements solutions for all types of issues related to the subject of time in the workplace. By applying software features which fit with each employee’s working time and location arrangements, our system helps customers to     

  • attract and retain staff while reducing absence, overtime and facility costs
  • Control increasingly diverse working time and location arrangements 
  • enhance payroll and cost management

Over the coming while, my Blogs will look at the significant impact Flexible Working has on the management of organisations and also the lives of their employees.  Oh, and, of course, my Delorean story…..if you remind me.

Ciaran Rowsome