Department of Defence

The Department of Defence has used a workforce management system from FlexTime since it first introduced flexible working.

1500 employees now use the VisionTime system, in multiple locations.

In the latest upgrade, it was decided to implement VisionTime which allows staff to key in/out at their own PC’s, view their own reports and submit their adjustment applications “on-line” to their Local Managers. All staff remote from the HQ, which is in Newbridge, Co Kildare, including those in offices at Renmore Galway, can access the system from their desks thus benefitting from this move to a fully “Web” enabled system. Staff can now avail of several personal reports highlighting such information as their flexi balance, their holidays taken/left, any absences/anomalies that occur and several more beneficial reports.


  • To manage increasingly diverse work time arrangements
  • To increase accountability
  • To reduce admin costs rework time


  • The Department is at the forefront in terms of ensuring staff can have a sustainable work-life balance. To this end, much use is made of the “x week cycle” feature in VisionTime which allows the employee to agree and then operate his/her own flexi cycle length.
  • Depending on his/her personal circumstances and blending that with organisational need, one employee might agree a four-week cycle with a 10 hour carry over – while another might agree a two-week cycle with a five hour carry over.
  • From a Health & Safety viewpoint, the advantage of any staff that key in/out using VisionTime is that they will appear immediately in the Fire/Emergency listings. This can now be accessed from mobile phones from the much safer confines of being outside the building.


  • Increased and speedier interaction between staff and managers
  • Better local accountability
  • Fewer costs for time management

The Department can better cope with the increasing diversity of working time arrangements which are becoming the norm in today’s workplace. An employee can build up time within their own flexi cycle for taking time off, e.g., flexi day

“FlexTime is excellent to work with for organisations new to the concept of Flexible Working and also for those unaccustomed to staff keying in/out of work. From the order stages of a new system right through to implementation and “go-live” day, FlexTime provides an expertise second to none.”

HR Department, Department of Defence

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