Department of the Taoiseach

When the Department introduced flexible working hours they chose VisionTime for their workforce system.

FlexTime provides Irish leader’s office with flexitime solution.

175 Staff at the frontline Department needed to:

  • Key in/out and look up their own records at PCs.
  • Use a wall mounted touch screen terminal to record time.
  • Electronically input their own updates for time off – e.g. flexiday, while up to 75 of their Supervisors can sign off such requests.

Immediate and real-time access to who is in or out is provided for switchboard staff and others.  Such overall automation saves considerable time for the central administrators. With the aid of the systems reporting suite, allied its self–service nature it is now profoundly easy to manage the overall usage of the flexi concept.


  • To manage increasingly diverse flexitime arrangements
  • To increase accountability
  • Improve employee work/life balance for employees

Why FlexTime

  • A unique experience in flexible working
  • A leader in the Irish market
  • Trusted government supplier for 32 years and excellent references


  • Staff empowerment through flexible working
  • Increased and speedier interaction between staff and managers
  • Better local accountability

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