Trinity College

VisionTime makes it easy to implement and manage new working time arrangements.

Flexible Working At The College

There are over 12,000 students and 1,200 staff members working on the College campus.

With the College being so centrally located in Dublin, Flexible Working Hours is seen as playing a vital role in the working life of staff at the Colleges’ Finance & Treasurer’s Departments.

Staff in the Departments key in an out each day at PCs. When necessary, Staff enter requests for time off and updates to their time and absence records which are then electronically “signed off ” by  Supervisors. The overall automation saves considerable time for the central Administrators.

The College has moved through each generation of the VisionTime system.


  • Offer flexible working hours
  • Automate leave requests
  • Access to staff cover reports

Why FlexTime

  • Experience in Irish & UK University sectors
  • Leader in market
  • Excellent references


  • Improved staff work/life balance
  • Reduced employee stress
  • Numerous reports available

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