Absence Management

Absence Management is an employer’s approach via policies, procedures or programs to reduce employee absenteeism, avoid workforce disruption and maximise employee productivity. It also provides the means to review and approve holiday and absence requests by routing to managers or supervisors for approval or refusal based on operational needs

VisionTime automates the holiday request process and monitors your absenteeism.

Greater Control over Admin and Empowering Employees with Self Service

Attendance Reporting

Benefit from real-time analytics on your current attendance levels. Our absence management software also easily integrates with your local legislation so you can stay compliant.

Request holidays / absence

Empower your employees to electronically request leave and email managers replacing old, outdated paper request systems.

View rota's and timesheets

Allow employees to easily access the latest rota's or view timesheets when required.

Check hours worked

Enable employees to access all forms of time management reports on hours worked and even flexitime balances.

How does Self Service and VisionTime help your organisation

Motivated workforce

Reduce errors

Promotes more productive working

Information Anywhere, Anyhow, Anytime

Improved Communication

Increases staff retention & Loyalty

What VisionTime Offers?

Holiday Requests

Holidays and Absence Leave requests to managers via emails.

Managers check using calendar overview or activity reports.

Plan & Control

Managers able to plan and control staffing levels by viewing who else is off.

Sign off by managers ensures full transparency and accountability. 

Absence Tracking

Identify the root causes of absenteeism by group or department.

Custom Features

Fully customisable software designed and built according to the way your organisation works eg. Carry overs, WTR, Return to Work, Automated scripts.

Automate your holidays and absence requests and better understand absences with alerts, so as not to impact your daily operations.

A selection of public and private sector organisation that FlexTime work with in Ireland & Europe