However You’d Like to Arrange Working Time - We Can Help

No matter how you plan to manage and schedule working time in your organisation, our VisionTime system is the ideal tool for helping you get the most from your workforce. It intuitively and efficiently helps you to manage and it’s agile enough to offer a bespoke solution that will best suit your business needs.

What it offers

Recording Time

Simplify recording time and attendance, while improving employee accountability. Choose from 30 ways to record time; from PC, tablets and mobiles to fingerprint, facial recognition and pin options.

Home & Hybrid Working

Enable employees to record if at home or in the workplace or if working mobile, from any computer or online device. It allows users to see who is online and offline.

FlexTime Balances

Employees can keep track of their work-life choices by seeing in real-time their time and leave balances. It equally provides managers and supervisors with a critical real-time view, so important for managing flexible working arrangements. Now you can avoid any chance of error.

Project Timing

Keep track of the jobs & tasks your employees are working on with projected, real-time and retrospective job recording.

Reporting & Analysis

Benefit from the systems analytics, while allowing you to improve allocation of resources.

Absence Management

Easily manage employee work schedules, while staying compliant with absence legislation laws. Managers are empowered with absence tracking capabilities to manage sick leave, paid leave, late arrivals, and more.

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From small businesses to Government agencies, see how companies are using FlexTime solutions to work better together

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What Our Clients Say

The Benefits of Flexible Working Hours

The 9-5 work model has served society well but increasingly it’s being consigned to history. Technology, increasing gender equality and always-on business models have transformed the way our societies work and live. Flexible working is key to navigating this change. Here’s how it benefits your business:

Fulfilled workforce

Improved retention

Increased productivity

More business opportunities

Flexible Working Solutions

Digital transformation has allowed business owners to develop ways of working that better suit employee work-life balance. Our VisionTime system leads the way in helping you plan and manage work-schedules that enable greater flexibility and productivity.

All You Need to Know About Flexible Working Hours

How our Process Works

Take a look at our four key steps to offering you bespoke flexible working solutions:

Project Management

FlexTime provides a dedicated project manager to liaise with your key stakeholders to gain a deep understanding of your needs. Once your requirements are determined, a project plan will be drafted with a structured approach for implementing solutions.

System Installation

Our Project Manager and Engineers will install the entire system according to your bespoke requirements. We can set up while securing system parameters and even integrate with your existing HR and payroll systems.

Client Training

Full training is provided to employees on effective and efficient use of the software. This is based on specific needs, with training targets based on application complexity. The level of training is based on the needs and technical skill level of the end users.

Customer Support

Our relationship with your organisation continues well beyond installing the system. FlexTime’s help desk continues to support your organisation for the lifespan of all solutions.

Project Management System Installation Client Training Customer Support

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From small businesses to large corporates, Government departments/agencies and educational bodies, see how organisations are using FlexTime solutions to work better together.