Flexible & Mobile Working

Our flexible working solutions empower organisations through improved staff retention rates and enhanced productivity while offering better visibility.

Increasingly, in the current day economy, organisations are concerned to grow a modern, attractable and flexible workforce.

FlexTime offers our workforce management system, VisionTime, which functions for any type or size of organisation which requires a cost-efficient way to track, manage and report on flexible, mobile and shift working arrangements. This easy-to-use intuitive system ensures every department follows policies and procedures for seamless operations throughout the organisation.

Expert System for Flexible Working

Allowing employees to work flexibly and remotely is an easy decision to make with FlexTime. Access to VisionTime is available from anywhere in the world using smartphones, PCs, tablets or laptops. With a secure internet connection, working remotely is seamless.

Our Approach

In building our solution, we based it on our 35 years’ experience in this subject, supported by our constant research studies. This, in turn, provides FlexTime with a wealth of best advice on the many alternative ways our customers can consider employee working time, location and shift arrangements.

Key Features
  • Real-Time Reporting

    Benefit from real-time analytics meanwhile dedicating resources to projects. Reach operational efficiency by controlling company expenditures and increasing revenues.

  • FlexTime Balances

    Give managers and supervisors access to leave balances during any flexible period. Automatically calculate employee attendance to avoid making costly errors.

  • Employee Entitlements

    Manage benefits plans to minimize compliance risks with our entitlements solution. Offer employees the best programs without adding extra work to HR’s plate.

  • Web & Mobile Access

    Enable seamless access for employees to clock in with our online time and attendance system from any computer connected to the internet.

  • GPS Location Tracking

    Track the movements of a mobile workforce. Manage shifts in real-time with location information, messaging and field activity alerts.

  • eAlerts & Reminders

    Create business rules for managers to use mobile devices to measure performance and receive notifications about pending deadlines.


We work with our clients to help them achieve their goals.

Project Management

FlexTime provides a dedicated project manager who will meet with key stakeholders in your organisation from the start. We draft a detailed project plan after determining system requirements. This includes a structured approach to implementing our solutions.

System Installation

Our team handles installation of your system from start to finish. The project manager, along with hardware and software engineers, ensures the entire system is installed according to your organisation requirements. Experience allows us to setup the system while securing parameters. We can even integrate with your existing HR and payroll systems.

Client Training

Once extensive testing shows the system is installed correctly, we offer training, so employees can effectively and efficiently use the software. We tailor training based on your organisation’s specific uses of the software. We craft achievable training targets based on application complexity. Training sessions are the result of end-user assessments to determine needs and technical skill levels.

Customer Support

Our relationship with your organisation does not end once we install the system. FlexTime is here to support you for the entire time you use the solution. You can expect high-quality support from an assigned help desk contact and a dedicated support team. We are available daily whether your needs are for technical assistance or to discuss more options for your growing business needs.

Project Management System Installation Client Training Customer Support

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