HR Functionality

Improve hiring and employee retention practices with one system that streamlines HR processes while you focus on strategic objectives with your organisation.

Human Resources Solutions

The FlexTime HR solution automates administrative processes and provides employee self-service capabilities. Efficiently handle onboarding and compliance. Lower your administration costs in a system that reduces errors. Consistently enforce company policies so employees know they work in a fair environment.

Improve HR Productivity

A productive human resources department keeps employees engaged by producing policies and programs to retain top talent. Our solution enables your HR department to partner with senior management to operate more efficiently while reducing compliance risks throughout the organisation. Our software automates tedious tasks, so you can free up more time to focus on revenue-generating goals.

Key Features
  • Employee Profiles

    Maintain single employee records by integrating time and attendance, payroll and other relevant data with real-time updates to make informed staffing decisions.

  • Paid Time Off (PTO)

    Managers can view PTO requests and approve, deny or change shift plans in real-time to stay on top of employee availability.

  • Documents & Letters

    Store and retrieve documents such as training history, signed contracts and disciplinary records in electronic employee files.

  • HR Dashboards

    View key data by employee, department or team in one place. Multiple views show attendance, entitlement accruals, leave taken and remaining balances.

  • Email Notifications

    Get notifications for important dates such as salary reviews, training reviews, probation expiration and return to work.

  • Reporting & Analytics

    Run reports from current data on absence and attendance records, carryovers, accruals and holiday entitlements by an employee and/or department.


We work with our clients to help them achieve their goals.

Project Management

FlexTime provides a dedicated project manager who will meet with key stakeholders in your organisation from the start. We draft a detailed project plan after determining system requirements. This includes a structured approach to implementing our solutions.

System Installation

Our team handles installation of your system from start to finish. The project manager, along with hardware and software engineers, ensures the entire system is installed according to your organisation requirements. Experience allows us to setup the system while securing parameters. We can even integrate with your existing HR and payroll systems.

Client Training

Once extensive testing shows the system is installed correctly, we offer training, so employees can effectively and efficiently use the software. We tailor training based on your organisation’s specific uses of the software. We craft achievable training targets based on application complexity. Training sessions are the result of end-user assessments to determine needs and technical skill levels.

Customer Support

Our relationship with your organisation does not end once we install the system. FlexTime is here to support you for the entire time you use the solution. You can expect high-quality support from an assigned help desk contact and a dedicated support team. We are available daily whether your needs are for technical assistance or to discuss more options for your growing business needs.

Project Management System Installation Client Training Customer Support

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