FlexTime's workforce management system handles requirements within many educational and training bodies and institutions

Sector Benefits

FlexTime improves performance and reduces costs.

Flextime offers a software solution intended specifically for use in the education industry. You can automate processes, track employee time off, balance labour costs and so much more!

  • 1
    Staff Attendance

    Easily track when employees work to ensure greater HR compliance. Gain a better understanding of how productivity affects the workforce.

  • 2
    Flexible & Mobile Working

    Our flexible working solutions empower organisations through improved staff retention rates and enhanced productivity while offering better visibility.

  • 3
    Safeguard Compliance

    Achieve actionable compliance with precise staffing and qualification coverage. Real-time reports and notifications ensure data is accurate and up-to-date.

  • 4
    Employee Self-Service

    Intelligent Employee Self-Service (ESS) features from VisionTime give staff access to schedules, certifications, and time-off availability.

  • 5
    Payroll Accuracy

    Toss paper timesheets with errors and cumbersome tasks. See an immediate reduction in mistakes with employee pay and administrative time used to complete payroll.

  • 6
    Manage Leave Requests

    Reduce leave liability issues by managing unplanned teacher absences with just one tap. Quickly identify available substitute replacements to keep critical class times filled.

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