Get a real-time, workforce management solution that enables you to deal with environmental issues while achieving field performance improvement.

Sector Benefits

FlexTime is your partner in environmental solutions

Our time and attendance software empower companies to strategically maximise labour costs without compromising service. Get real-time visibility that makes operational decisions easy and efficient.

  • 1
    Attendance Tracking

    Easily track when employees work and manage time and attendance. Gain a better understanding of how productivity affects the workforce.

  • 2
    Manage Mobile Staff

    Maintain resource capabilities for all assignments. Choose from the many system programmes designed to manage outdoor staff in the environmental sector.

  • 3
    Accurate Payroll

    Achieve accurate payroll each pay period by capturing time data for error-free calculations. Employees are happy, and supervisors can proactively manage labour costs.

  • 4
    Automate Compliance

    Incorporate requirements for union contracts, government regulations, and staffing rules into the system so you can stay ahead of changes.

  • 5
    Cost-Effective Clocking

    Choose from a variety of clock in and out options that support any work environment or group to track employee time.

  • 6
    Workforce Operations

    Control labour costs with visible workforce and labour activities with streamlined processes that improve productivity and increases efficiency.

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