Financial Services

VisionTime is a global-ready solution to help you manage your workforce. FlexTime software delivers the best investment for your operations.

Sector Benefits

Constant change requires a flexible solution.

Financial institutions are pressed to retain employees while efficiently scheduling them at all branches and departments. Eliminating manual processes removes overwhelming tasks that can block offering value and service to customers.

  • 1
    Employee Retention

    FlexTime's solution matches the employee's work : life balance needs with the organisation's drive for efficiency and improved productivity.

  • 2
    Automate Compliance

    Streamline compliance-driven processes for rules regarding work hours and lunch breaks in every location. Automate schedules with employment laws.

  • 3
    Flexible & Mobile Working

    Our flexible working solutions empower organisations through improved staff retention rates and enhanced productivity while offering better visibility.

  • 4
    Customer Experience

    Through improved productivity management our Financial Services customers ensure their staff has more customer-facing time available.

  • 5
    Leave Management

    Enhance leave management with visibility of all scheduling practices for the entire workforce. This includes hourly, salaried and contingent employees at all locations.

  • 6
    Labour Cost Tracking

    Control labour costs that go directly to your institution’s bottom line. Real-time management of employee labour processes eliminates the use of spreadsheets.

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