Minimise compliance risks and manage complex rosters while your healthcare facility focuses on high-quality patient care delivery.

Sector Benefits

Include rate adjustments for diverse staff positions.

A primary cost burden for healthcare delivery organisations is labour cost analysis. FlexTime’s easily customisable workforce management solution for the healthcare industry is here to help.

  • 1
    Employee Scheduling

    FlexTime simplifies employee schedules by using dashboards. Create a complete roster to have the precise number of employees you need in every department for all shifts.

  • 2
    Flexible & Mobile Working

    Our flexible working solutions empower organisations through improved staff retention rates and enhanced productivity while offering better visibility.

  • 3
    Manage Productivity

    Track tangible factors that can influence employee productivity. Use best practices to analyse productive and non-productive hours compared to patient loads.

  • 4
    Ensure Compliance

    Streamline compliance policies to ensure your facility stays current with complex pay rules, policies and regulations.

  • 5
    Employee Self-service

    Convenient self-service tools help to improve transparency. Employees have instant access to relevant accrued time off, attendance, payroll and benefits information.

  • 6
    Payroll Accuracy

    Processing payroll for employees with FlexTime is an easy task. Our automated software transfers data to any payroll system.

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