FlexTime automates core processes with one intuitive system that tracks, monitors and schedules employees for a more productive work environment.

Sector Benefits

With VisionTime streamline labour processes

Our workforce management software reduces costly errors by simplifying the employee scheduling process. Lower overhead costs despite the range of complex issues native to the manufacturing industry.

  • 1
    Track Employee Attendance

    Improve job costing and have a profitable organisation with a time and attendance solution that can seamlessly integrate into your workforce management systems.

  • 2
    Capture Labour Costs

    Integrate relevant job information to capture data that helps you control costs. Pinpoint the real cost of labour by task, team or department.

  • 3
    Streamline Staff Scheduling

    Manage skill sets with a simplified scheduling solution that matches available resources with business requirements and reduces the amount of overtime within your organisation.

  • 4
    Payroll Processing

    Eliminate manual processes and human errors caused by differing pay rates and complex employee policies. Automation ensures payroll is correct every time, on time.

  • 5
    Regulatory Compliance

    Reduce your organisation’s exposure to regulatory risks by properly managing individual and union employee agreements. Stay compliant with labour laws and government regulations.

  • 6
    Advanced Clocking Options

    Biometric clocking options save time and money. With the increased clock in and out accuracy, you can stop buddy punching and other practices that interfere with a fast, efficient and secure workplace.

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