State Sponsored Bodies

Flextime helps state sponsored bodies of all sizes simply human resources administration by optimising resources that protect services.

Sector Benefits

Designed to fit your agency’s unique needs.

Whether you need a software solution for robust public safety scheduling or to streamline time and attendance management, our software helps you meet the challenges of maximising operational budgets.

  • 1
    Employee Productivity

    Easily measure employee productivity to manage projects. Get more done with time tracking and detailed reports to see what’s getting done.

  • 2
    Flexible & Mobile Working

    Our flexible working solutions empower organisations through improved staff retention rates and enhanced productivity while offering better visibility.

  • 3
    Employee Retention

    Our solution matches the employee's work : life balance needs with the organisation's drive for efficiency and improved productivity through flexibility.

  • 4
    Track Leave Management

    The leave management module manages the entire leave process from the initial request until the employee returns to work.

  • 5
    Regulatory Compliance

    FlexTime standard features allow you to keep track of hours worked and rest periods to ensure compliance with wage and hour rules.

  • 6
    Manage Labour Costs

    Reduce unnecessary employee overtime labour costs with real-time access to daily, weekly and monthly work schedules.

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