Trade & Professional

Spend more time serving the interests of your clients and less time managing employees who are helping to fulfil your organisation’s mission.

Sector Benefits

Supporting critical programs and services.

FlexTime offers an easy-to-use workforce management solution that helps the trade and professional sectors maintain quality interactions with clients while minimising compliance risks and controlling labour costs.

  • 1
    Mobile Workforce Tracking

    Keep track of field workers and give them full access to work schedules on mobile devices such as laptops and smartphones.

  • 2
    Precision Work Scheduling

    No more understaffing or overstaffing. Intelligent work scheduling removes the guessing game from having the right number of employees based on business volume.

  • 3
    Cost-Saving Measures

    Get the most out of workforce analytics to reduce operational costs with snapshots of daily labour activities.

  • 4
    Centralise Payroll

    Connect with leading payroll systems so accuracy becomes a seamless experience that maximises productivity and standardises workflows.

  • 5
    Simplify Compliance Rules

    Streamline work processes that directly impact regulatory compliance within the respective industry you serve.

  • 6
    Fatigue Risk Mitigation

    Keep employees engaged by keeping track of expired certifications, and monitoring knowledge and skills development needs.

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