VT Visitor

VT Visitor enables businesses to get a full view of who is visiting their business in the past, present and future.

Covid 19: Managing Visitors To Your Premises

Many of us are hoping that at some point over the coming period, staff can return to the workplace.  In turn, there may be a need to slowly allow visitors to your premises.  A key consideration will be – how do we manage that such visiting can happen, while also keeping both our staff and the visitors safe?

VT Visitor from FlexTime allows you to:

  • Register and authorise upcoming visits
  • Record who will be visiting, who has visited and when
  • Produce badges to identify people while they are on your premises.

The software can be used in different ways:

  • Locally: Any designated employee who needs to allow someone to visit can authorise this from his/her PC
  • Centrally: This can be handled by say a health and safety officer, and/or reception or security staff

The visit can be confirmed in the system by any of the parties e.g. the designated employee, a health & safety officer, reception, or security staff. The Visitor Reports in the system will allow those authorised, full knowledge of all upcoming and past visits.

Another function of the system is to produce a badge for the Visitor to wear on-site.

    Project Management

    FlexTime provides a dedicated project manager to liaise with your key stakeholders to gain a deep understanding of your needs. Once your requirements are determined, a project plan will be drafted with a structured approach for implementing solutions.

    System Installation

    Our Project Manager and Engineers will install the entire system according to your bespoke requirements. We can set up while securing system parameters and even integrate with your existing HR and payroll systems.

    Client Training

    Full training is provided to employees on effective and efficient use of the software. This is based on specific needs, with training targets based on application complexity. The level of training is based on the needs and technical skill level of the end users.

    Customer Support

    Our relationship with your organisation continues well beyond installing the system. FlexTime’s help desk continues to support your organisation for the lifespan of all solutions.

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